The Methodology

Customized Treatments

Our highly trained technicians customize our pest control service to each homes unique needs. Every treatment begins with an inspection to identify and target existing / potential issues. Regularly scheduled services include application of the best products to locations where pests like to nest and breed. Our goal is to help reduce and control the pest population in and around your home while keeping your family safe.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Successfully eliminating pests requires more than consistent treatments. Long term control is established through identifying common breeding and nesting areas around a home and protecting potential entry points. Taking these precautions along with certified expertise are a core part of our IPM solution that offers fully custom recommendations to ensure reliable control when pest-proofing your residence.

Eco-Friendly products

Nothing is as important as keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals. Because of this, The Boss continues to only use the best organically derived products to ensure your safety. Our technicians are trained to mix the products to the suggested levels on the product label as recommended by the EPA.

Micro-encapsulated / weather proof

Our warm desert climate here in Arizona can make it difficult to rid homes of pest intruders if you aren’t using the right product. We know this and have found the perfect products to stand the test of heat, sun, wind, and rain. Give us a call to learn more.


In the event you see a live pest in your home between treatments, please give us a call. We will retreat your home free of charge to ensure the problem is taken care of and you have the peace of mind you deserve.