Arizona is home to a wide variety of creepy-crawlies from the desert and mountain forest ecosystems, but when you’re looking at pest control needs throughout the state it’s critical to look at Arizona spiders to get a better understanding of what you you need to be most worried about. Whether you’re looking at the venomous black widow spider, the brown spider, or other similar pests, there are good reasons for your safety and health why you shouldn’t let these pests around your home or business unchecked.

Why Should You Worry?Black-Widow-Spider

When it comes to Arizona pest control, spiders might not get as much attention as scorpions, snakes, and certain insects but there’s a very good reason why you shouldn’t completely brush them off. Spiders can cause some serious health issues and certain spiders are a hazard, especially if you have small pets or young children in the house.

While there are many different types of spiders in the state, there are two species of Arizona spiders in particular that pack a nasty punch in their bite: the brown spider (do not mistake this with the brown recluse spider – they are two different species) and of course the always feared black widow spider, one of the few species whose bite can have dangerous and severe consequences to human beings.

Looking at Black Widows

The black widow is a venomous spider, or at least the easy to recognize females are. These are easy to spot because of a red hourglass shape on the back. They tend to be closer to the Black-widow-spider-capturing-a-scorpionground than many spiders and are often found in hidden areas like wood piles, sheds, or in areas with a lot of clutter, rocks, or easy to hide places. They’re nocturnal, which does make them easier to avoid since they tend not to be aggressive unless provoked.

Male black widow spiders are smaller, don’t have the obvious red marks, and thus won’t have the same effect on anyone being bit. However making sure they don’t overrun your home also helps prevent the spread of more black widows from spiders mating. A black widow bite will be painful but it is rarely fatal unless there is a severe allergic reaction.

However there are two major exceptions to this: elderly and small children. Part of the reason pest control on Arizona spiders is so important is because spiders can be extremely hazardous to the health of small children in your home or elderly grandparents. This makes careful control of the environment all the more important.

Looking at Brown Spiders

Brown spiders are another major concern. While these are not the same as brown recluse spiders, they still need to be taken very seriously as a bite can cause severe pain, and even minor necrosis. Depending on where the bite is, the physical damage might be relatively minor, but the pain is still there over healing that often takes months and months to take place.

However, a bite that takes place in fatty tissue or that hurts a young child or newborn can cause severe damage that, if left unchecked, could lead to some severe and Brown_Recluse_spider_bite_3_by_Lunarkiteeven permanent damage. This is why pest control is so important: to keep as many of the spiders at bay or dead as possible to offer a safer environment for every single member of your family no matter how young or old, small or large.

Brown spiders often weave irregular webs and are sometimes called “fiddle spiders” because of their overall appearance and unique look. Their bites often appear as an itchy sore that doesn’t heal and even opens up. Any suspicion of a bite from a brown spider should instantly be reported to a doctor for antibiotics and treatment. The sooner this is caught and treated, the better.

Don’t Wait on Pest Control

When it comes to making your home safer, you want to make the environment as inhospitable to black widows, brown spiders, and other Arizona spiders as possible. A good pest control specialist will be able to make sure your home or business is friendly to people, and very unfriendly to pests.

You don’t want to wait until after a spider bite before taking care of business – make this a top priority!